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Our Philosophy

The education background of Mr. Beckner can be seen throughout the company.  We do not see our “job” described as “selling” our clients real estate.  We see our responsibility to educate our clients so they can make wise decisions.  Most people see “Selling” as convincing someone to buy something they really don’t need at a price that is too high.  We do not agree!!  We want to work with our clients for many years.  They will only continue to work with us and trust us if we keep their needs foremost.  We want our clients to understand real estate.  Therefore, our discussions with our clients seem more like investment classes than an attempt to sell them real estate.  Once they understand the basics of real estate investment they can then evaluate any opportunity we bring to them.  We never look at a “deal” just in today’s needs.  We always want to take into account our clients needs today and tomorrow.  A property might work for them today, but what are the ramifications for the future.  For example, we might work with a client to build a property that meets the current needs of his company.  But, we also must analyze how the property will sell in the future, or lease if held for investment.  Therefore, we teach our clients how to evaluate a property for the present and the future.  Similarly, we teach our clients the differences in lease forms and discuss not only our client’s current rental needs, but also their future options such as escape clauses, renewal options, expansion options.  We want them to make intelligent decisions.  We never want our clients to come back to us and be in a negative situation that could have been prevented. We not only want our clients to be well versed in commercial real estate, we want to provide the latest and best data available regarding property for sale or lease and the conditions in the market place.  We therefore subscribe to the companies we believe provide the best information including Xceligent for commercial information.  We are also active in local commercial  professional organizations.

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